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Welcome to Stoller Dental Laboratory

Locally owned and operated since 1977


Stoller Dental Laboratory has been serving the dental community since 1977. For nearly 40 years, quality and doctor/patient satisfaction has been our top priority. Stoller Dental Laboratory provides you with the finest materials and service available, along with close quality control to provide you with beautiful, life like restorations. We are a full-service laboratory and we fabricate all our work in house. With the dental industry changing everyday, Stoller Dental Lab is committed to current technology and we are excited about what the future will bring.

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Services Offered

  • Fixed Restorations
  • Removable Restorations
  • Dental Appliances and Orthodontics
  • Implant Restorations
  • Dental Wings Services
  • Zirlux FC Services

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Stoller Dental Lab
7224 Engle Rd
Fort Wayne, IN

Telephone 800-824-3086
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